You're going about your day as normal when -- BOOM! Five Bowies come crashing into your life. What should you do -- will you unravel their unknowable mysteries, play some games, go on a hero's journey, or simply try to make it through the day? Your destiny awaits in the stars!


  • Left-click or press enter/return to advance
  • Right click or click the bolt in the lower right corner to access the menu
  • Additional controls are in the top right corner


  • Encounter five (5) Bowies
  • Smooch some of them
  • Make them breakfast
  • Listen to them
  • Defeat uncertainty
  • Love them
  • Did I mention you get to date David Bowie?


  • E10+
  • There's like, one (1) cuss
  • Also, one (1) innuendo


  • Best played at 1080 resolution!
  • If you use "skip" at later parts of the game, things may screw up and/or crash. I'm looking into that!


For #ilujam2!

Install instructions

WINDOWS: Just extract the ZIP file to a folder & run the EXE file to play!


All My Bowies (111 MB)


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this is the best game I have ever played, better then Dark Souls 3.

This game is great so far! Though it keeps freezing up at some points, and whenever I restart it, it does the same thing ;_; It won't let me love them!

Oh no! Are you using the web version here or the Windows version? Also, are you using Skip, because Skip will mess some things up, as I discovered in testing...

I loved this, haha. This is the vn I've always dreamed of, and now it's REAL.

Thank you! I'm so glad you loved it!! I had so much fun making it.